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I am Shipp

Salt and spray they dance about,

A shock then rainbows bloom.

From mist-filled air they swirl and sing,

Then fly in all the hues.

This boat she sails in water deep,

Yet mountains loom beneath.

And I am carried over peaks,

By waters rolling heaps.

I am a sailor, born for sea,

To dance the wind and tide.

Of beach and wave-bound sunset sing,

I long for swelling ride...

I now suspect that given time,

No boat would be required.

For I was made to dance on waves,

To play and never tire...

My body drenched and eyes aglow,

I dance through storms and placid.

And inner warmed by Secret Fire,

No fears can hold me captive.

My joy is my propelling force!

My speed in trailing vapors!

My laughter keening on the wind,

My feet sure-footed capers!

Am I of sea, or sea of me?

This water it enfleshes.

As sky and water cannot tell,

Where vast horizon meshes.

This is my home, where I belong,

This endless, rolling ocean.

It is the very heart of God,

I tremble at the notion.

For now I sit on arid plain,

I know the itching hunger.

I know the constant thirsting dry,

I live in sand-filled umber.

Though I have never seen this sea,

God placed its roar within me.

Soon I'll be there and sand forgotten,

Lost, in Him, in me.

This is the promise, this is true,

And I believe completely.

Else how could sand-born know this song,

That sings in me so sweetly?

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1 comentario

29 dic 2019

...I believe completely...Ephesians 2:8...thanks for sharing...

Me gusta
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