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Silent Observers

Trees surround

Silent sentinels

Speaking to each other - hushed

Testimony profound enough

That God declares it sufficient

To prove He is, was, and ever shall be…

Decades they grew

Constantly, imperceptibly upwards

Reaching for what they know not

And desperate for the Light

In ice and heat

Screaming storms and fire

Always reaching for more

Sharing life in the roots

Reaching down

Reaching up

Reaching out

So much like us…

Like me…

God hears their whispered prayer

And loves enough

To let the tragic

Shape the beauty of their joy

And make the music deep…

I meander beneath them.

We ponder each other…

The trees and I.

A silent song is sung

Tones subdued like low breathing.

Dropped cones a percussion

A random bird a cymbal…

My heart pours out.

It seems that all

We laugh or cry

Aching breaking

Strutting pride

Run aground

In public hide

When sorrows strike

And story dies

Maker’s Children

Tale we weave

The hardest work

To just believe

Water dirt

Our blood we give

Path to follow

Life to live

Small is bigger

Vision sweeping

Being held

Wounded weeping

Fount of life

O’er flows the chasm

Dance to follow

Hope to fathom

How gently does

The Father hold

Each whispered song

Each trembling soul

See Him. SEE HIM!

Stop pretense

The only way

This world makes sense

Hope is not

A thing to find

Looking wildly

Deaf and blind

Jesus loving

Lifts our mask

A tender kiss

For all who ask

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